Meet The Team

The collective effort and sense of teamwork we engender have distinguished MVPMS in providing quality staff for various industries. Guided by our Consultant, Earle Whyte, our staff members’ competence is derived from several years’ expertise in the areas of operations, human resources and public relations. Mr. Whyte has, himself, while employed to the Ministry of Labour and the Jamaica Central Labour Organisation for over 30 years, overseen the welfare of Jamaican workers in the H-2A, H-2B and J-1 Programs throughout the USA. Internationally, he has recruited Jamaican workers for the UK., Canada and Guantanamo Bay. His extensive experience in the field has seen him garnering successes in recruitment, interviewing and placement of Jamaican workers both locally and overseas. In August, 2014 the Government of Jamaica conferred the National Honor of the Order of Distinction, O.D. on Mr. Whyte for his sterling contribution to the overseas job placement service.