1. Question: I am currently in my final year and would like to know why I cannot stay on my job assignment beyond my Institution’s start date?

Answer: Any student participating in the J-1 Work and Travel Program cannot work in excess of four (4) months, and must return to their home country by the date specified by the U.S. State Department. For Jamaica, this date is September 7th.

  1. Question: As a J-1 student, can I find my own accommodation?

Answer: J-1 students are not always allowed to find their own accommodation. In some instances, the employer may have leased a housing facility to accommodate the students ahead of their arrival and cannot break the lease without incurring significant costs. Where students are allowed to find their own accommodation, it should be in close proximity to their job location.

  1. Question: Will I be required to pay a housing deposit?

Answer: This applies in some cases, not all.

  1. Question: How long am I allowed to remain the U.S. on completion of my job assignment?

Answer: Your stay in the U.S. cannot exceed four (4) months and you must return in time for your school start date.

  1. Question: Am I allowed to have a second job?

Answer: J-1 students are allowed to have a second job, which must be approved by their sponsor and should not conflict with their main job assignment. H-2B workers are not allowed to have second jobs.